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Ansible Setup

Ansible setup is now done through Ansible itself plus a short bootstrap script. Please check earlier revisions of this page for manual setup.


  • You have sudo installed and you have sudo permissions.
  • You have a GPG key pair and SSH key pair on this computer.
  • Your SSH public key for this computer must be added to your Gitea account. Ideally it's also on other servers.
  • Your GPG public key must be added to the pass database, and it must be signed by Jon.
  • Nextcloud should be installed. NOTE: You can bootstrap without adding your server to, but after bootstrap your server must be in the inventory.

Bootstrap script

Run these commands:

sudo useradd -m ansible #FIXME: This should be happening in localhost-bootstrap.
sudo apt install ansible git
git clone ansible
cd ansible
git submodule init
git submodule sync
git submodule update
# run the bootstrap. You'll be prompted for your 'BECOME password'; it's your user pw (for sudo).
ansible-playbook localhost-bootstrap.yml --ask-become-pass --extra-vars "ansible_user=ansible"

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