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Jon Goldberg, 06/28/2022 12:47 AM

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Ansible cheat sheet

This page will cover some helpful one-line commands we can execute with Ansible to accomplish various tasks. Always run git pull and git submodule update before executing these commands.

Synchronize a non-canonical site with the live site's database

ansible-playbook main-playbook.yml --tags site-db-sync -l mysite.local 
  • This works on test and dev sites.
  • Depending on the sync strategy on the website inventory, it will pull from last night's backup, sync directly from the live site, or use the Pantheon API to make a backup/download.
  • Only sites that pull from backup can sync to a site that's not on your local machine at present (I'll fix this at some point).

Ad-hoc examples

Revert a failed local update

ansible '*.local' -m shell -a "cd {{webroot}} && git checkout ." --become --become-user "{{ run_as_user }}" 

Roll back a site to the latest commit (e.g. after a failed merge):

ansible --become --become-user="{{ run_as_user }}" -m shell -a 'cd {{civiroot}} && git clean -fdx {{civiroot}} && git reset --hard HEAD'  mysite1.local,mysite2.local

Send a drush command to multiple sites

This is trickier to handle places where we don't have root, but works.

ansible --become --become-user="{{ run_as_user }}" -m shell -a "PATH=\$HOME/bin:\$PATH; drush --root={{ webroot }} pm-disable -y print" 'maintenance_drupal'

Send an arbitrary SQL statement to all Civi test instances with maintenance contracts

ansible --become --become-user="{{ run_as_user }}" -m shell -a "PATH=\$HOME/bin:\$PATH; echo \"UPDATE civicrm_job SET is_active = 0 WHERE api_action = 'group_rebuild';\" | cv --cwd={{ webroot }} sql" 'maintenance_civi:&websites_test'

Set CLI PHP version across all servers

This is an example of server-level changes (others are site-level).

ansible  --become -m command -a 'update-alternatives --set php /usr/bin/php7.4' vps

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