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Ansible for inherited sites

Because inherited/legacy sites weren't created by Ansible, we need to take additional steps to ensure we work properly with them.

  • From the Website List, make sure to fill in appropriate values in the Overrides section of the site.
  • If Ansible can't find passwords for various users, it will try to create them. Use pass insert to fix this. e.g.:
pass insert nwu/nwuserver/mysql/root #MySQL root password
pass insert nwu/nwuserver/borg/local #Passphrase for local borg repo
pass insert nwu/nwuserver/borg/remote #Passphrase for remote borg repo
pass insert nwu/nwuserver/ #CMS/CRM MySQL password - one per vhost
pass insert nwu/nwuserver/ #CRM/CRM password for user "admin" - one per vhost
pass insert nwu/nwuserver/ #CiviCRM site key - one per vhost
  • Running Ansible will uninstall mod_php! If you're converting from mod_php, you can enable both mod_php and php-fpm by running this after Ansible PHP roles: apt install libapache2-mod-php7.0
  • git commands all run as the "run as user" to keep permissions sane. If the "run as user" is www-data, that means www-data needs a home directory for its SSH key. You can't move the home directory unless you stop its processes - Apache and php-fpm.

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