CiviCRM administrator training


I conduct two CiviCRM trainings, each 2.5 hours long. The first is general use, for all users of CiviCRM. The second training covers tasks that only administrators will have to do. I generally schedule this training several weeks after launch so administrators have more familiarity with the system and their needs.


The administrator training is more tailored to the organization. Consider the following a partial "menu" of potential topics:

  • Deduping
  • Custom fields
  • Contact subtypes
  • Profiles
  • Customizing menus, option values (drop-downs), word replacements, greetings
  • CiviCRM extensions (e.g. CiviVolunteer)
  • Permissions
  • Automated replies/reminders
  • CiviEvent: Customizing settings, name badges, event templates
  • Discussing client-specific customizations
  • More advanced search flows - "display results as", search by relationship.

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