CiviCRM user story examples

User stories are short narrative explanations (3-4 sentences long) of how you intend to use your CRM database. Here are some examples.

CiviCRM for donor management

  • The major gifts officer needs a list of major donors at year's end to put in the Board report. They need to be able to generate a list of donors who gave $500 or more year-to-date, sorted by the aggregate amount of their donations for the current year-to-date. Anonymous donors must be marked as such. We also need to produce mailing labels to the same group of people, but obviously anonymous donors can't appear as "Anonymous" on the mailing labels.

  • A visitor to the website should be able to download materials from our "Reports" section, but only after giving us their name, e-mail address, and zip code. Every download should create an activty on their CiviCRM record. Users should be placed in one of five "Area of Interest" groups based on the topic of the downloaded material.

CiviCRM for policy advocacy

  • For an upcoming meeting, organizers and policy staff need to produce an email list of all volunteers, advocates, and community partners tagged to be interested in criminal justice who have attended at least one meeting in the past year. The list needs to be exported into excel.

  • The policy advocate needs to look into the organization’s relationship (i.e. history of interactions) with a particular local lawmaker to prepare for a meeting they have with them later that day. The policy advocate needs to later log the description of the meeting later that day and create a note for follow up actions, tagging another staff member who should know about this meeting.

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