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Jon Goldberg, 10/11/2021 06:32 PM

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Debugging CiviCRM cheatsheet

Command-line runs of PHPUnit:

From a buildkit civiroot, run a specific file's tests::

CIVICRM_UF=UnitTests phpunit5 tests/phpunit/CRM/Core/BAO/AddressTest.php

You can also limit to a single test by filtering on name:

CIVICRM_UF=UnitTests phpunit5 tests/phpunit/CRM/Core/BAO/AddressTest.php --filter testShared

With XDebug

  • You need to specify a full path to phpunit (because running php <script> won't check your path for the script, just php).
  • You need to have XDebug otherwise configured for CLI. Here's the contents of my /etc/php/7.4/cli/conf.d/xdebug.ini:
xdebug.client_host = ""
#xdebug.output_dir = "/home/jon/temp/xdebug"
  • You need to start a debugging session in VS Code with "Listen for XDebug".
  • Depending on your VS Code setup, you may need to listen on a different port (I can use the same port for FPM but not mod_php).

Once you've got all that:

env CIVICRM_UF=UnitTests idekey=VSCODE php /home/jon/local/civicrm-buildkit/bin/phpunit7 /home/jon/local/civicrm-buildkit/build/dmaster/web/sites/all/modules/civicrm/tests/phpunit/CRM/Event/Form/Registration/ConfirmTest.php --filter testSubmit

Command-line runs of standalone scripts

env XDEBUG_SESSION=VSCODE php myscript.php

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