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Deploying with Ansible

Ansible with multisite CiviCRM

Our configuration supports CiviCRM multisite where there are multiple CMSes and a single CiviCRM database. To deploy in this configuration:

  • Add the first site to the [[]] and install normally.
  • Once installation on site 1 is complete, install the Multisite Permissioning extension and create the database records for site 2.
  • Add the second site to the [[]] and install normally, ignoring multisite. Note that you'll probably need to override the DB User, CMS DB Name and CRM DB Name to prevent collisions with site 1.
  • Once the site is up and running, open the entry in the website list, go to Overrides, and make the following changes:
    • Change the "Multisite Domain ID" to 2.
    • Change the "CRM DB Name" to match that of site 1. Leave the "CMS DB Name" and "DB User" different from site 1.
  • Re-run Ansible.
  • Drop the CRM database created for site 2.
  • Repeat as necessary for other sites.

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