Exporting DonorPerfect Online for CiviCRM


Here is some DPO terminology converted to Civi terminology:
Gifts: Contributions
Links: Relationships
Contacts: Activities
Donor ID: Contact ID

Exporting Contact Data

Data on the "Main" and "Bio" tabs can be exported to CSV by going to DPO's Reports » Easy Report Builder. Full instructions are available on the NeonCRM site. You can also export Gifts, Contacts (Activities) and additional addresses from here.

Note that for option value (multiple choice/dropdown) fields, you can export the "Code" and/or "Description", which in CiviCRM correspond to the "Value" and "Label" of the option value.

Exporting Links (Relationships)

There is a pre-built report to do this - but it exports data in terrible shape.

  • Go to DPO's Reports menu » Report Center.
  • Click Listings in the left pane.
  • Select Open next to the Relationship/Links List.

This report only exports to "Excel" - while it opens in Excel, it's actually an HTML table. It also contains data in a very difficult format to work in. See the Megaphone Tech Kettle Github repo for a transform that will convert these to a Civi-ready format.

Exporting Tributes (In Honor/In Memory/On Behalf Of)

Tributes are different from their equivalent (soft credits) in Civi. Whereas in Civi, a soft credit is always to a person (e.g. "In Honor Of Jane Doe") in DPO, they're a separate entity ("Jane Doe's 70th Birthday") so you can't easily map them to Civi. You could try matching the names against donor records. You can export the Tribute list from DPO's Reports menu » Report Center, Financial Reports tab and click Tribute Gift Listing.

Exporting Option Values

To download a list of all the option values for select boxes etc. in DonorPerfect, go to the settings (gear) menu and select "Code Maintenance":
Screenshot of DonorPerfect settings menu
You can select "Show Only" on the Code Maintenance screen to export only a single option value, but it's easiest to export all of them and filter later.

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