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Exporting Network for Good for CiviCRM

General tips

  • All previous exports are available for (re-)download under the Settings » Export menu.
  • Network for Good breaks up exports into groups of 7500. You'll need to download all of them and concatenate.


  • Go to the Contacts section from the left navigation menu.
  • Click the "Select All" checkbox. Unlike CiviCRM, this selects all contacts, not just the current page.
  • Press the Export button.
  • Select all fields for export (unless you know which ones are "summary" fields, which can be ignored).


  • As above, but on the Giving screen. Do not export fields associated with the contact (other than Donor ID). Do not export soft credits.

Soft Credits

  • The same as Donations above; when you specify export, there is a switch to include soft credits, which appear on the line below the hard credit. You can actually use this for donation import as well if you filter out soft credits. Correlating soft credits to hard credits programmatically is a bit tricky, especially since a contribution can have multiple soft credits. I have a Kettle script to handle this, but in short - iterate through the list of records, incrementing a counter field every time the financial type is NOT "Soft Credit". This should give your soft credits and donations the same counter ID. Then split the list into soft credits and non-soft credits, and do a lookup from the soft credit list to the hard credits.

Unsubscribes/bounced emails

This is not an exportable field, but you can go to Contacts, select New Filter, and select one of the following:

  • Has unsubscribed primary email
  • Has bounced primary email You can then export as above. I found that exporting the unsubscribed contacts' Network for Good only, then matching it against external_identifier and setting do_not_email to 1 worked well. Likewise, you can export just emails for bounces, and match that against and set on_hold to 1.

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