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Migration Documentation


As the point person for your organization's data migration to CiviCRM, you'll be responsible for reviewing inconsistencies in your source data and making decisions on how to correct it. This includes:

  • Data that's incorrect - e.g. an email of jonatgmailcom. The migration script will generate lists of invalid data (e.g. invalid emails.csv). You should clean this data in your source database. Do not clean it in the CSV file. If there are too many corrections to be done by hand, contact me for alternative options.
  • Data doesn't map from your old database to CiviCRM. For instance, your contacts might have "Home", "Summer Home" and "Winter Home" addresses - but CiviCRM only has "Home". We need to decide whether to add "Summer Home" and "Winter Home" or convert them to something else - perhaps change both to "Home 2".

Sharing Data

You should have a login to from me. When you log in, you should see five folders: data, errors, importlogs, raw data, and transforms.

  • raw data is where you should upload your old database (or exported data from your database). When I ask for a fresh copy of your data, please upload it here.
  • data contains your raw data converted into spreadsheets that CiviCRM can import. You'll rarely need to look at these.
  • errors contains files you'll need to review (like invalid emails above). Ignore files with a size of 0 KB. When all files have a size of 0 KB, there are no more errors.
  • You don't need to worry about importlogs and transforms!

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