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Monitoring Drupal

Install the Nagios Module

drush pm-download nagios
drush -y pm-enable nagios
drush cache-clear all

Manual (Web UI) configuration

Note: CLI configuration is much faster, see below.

  • Go to Drupal's Configuration menu » Nagios Monitoring.
  • Insert a random Unique ID.
  • Check "Enable status page?"
  • Under "Thresholds", set "Cron duration" to "480" (8 hours) and "Minimum report severity" to CRITICAL.
  • Go to Modules menu.
  • Next to "CiviCRM", check "Ignore from Nagios" and press "Save".

CLI Configuration

  • Paste this on the command line:
drush vset nagios_cron_duration '480'
drush vset nagios_enable_nagios 1
drush vset nagios_enable_status_page 1
drush vset nagios_enable_status_page_get 0
drush vset nagios_func_cron 1
drush vset nagios_func_modules 1
drush vset nagios_func_nodes 1
drush vset nagios_func_requirements 1
drush vset nagios_func_session_anon 1
drush vset nagios_func_session_auth 1
drush vset nagios_func_themes 1
drush vset nagios_func_users 1
drush vset nagios_min_report_severity '2'
drush vset nagios_page_callback nagios_status_page
drush vset nagios_page_path nagios
drush vset nagios_show_outdated_names 1
drush vset nagios_status_critical_value '2'
drush vset nagios_status_ok_value '0'
drush vset nagios_status_unknown_value '3'
drush vset nagios_status_warning_value '1'
drush vset --format=json nagios_ignored_modules '{"civicrm":true}'
# This sets a random site key
# Ensure pwgen is installed
drush vset nagios_ua `pwgen -s 32 1`

Icinga Configuration

  • Log into the Icinga server: ssh icinga
  • If necessary, define the new host by making a copy of an existing host file in /etc/icinga2/conf.d/hosts.
  • Add the line: vars.drupal_site_id = "<unique site id here>" (unique ID from /admin/config/system/nagios)
  • TODO: Indicate if SSL is required and how to indicate it.
  • Test your syntax with: service icinga2 checkconfig.
  • Restart Icinga: service icinga2 restart

Basic auth

If your site is behind basic auth, add this to the Icinga vhost configuration

    basic_auth_user = "megaphone"
    basic_auth_password = "megaphone"

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