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Raisers Edge client notes

[originally issue #57; I'm posting to the wiki to share with other RE-to-Civi clients].

One of the trickiest parts of migrating RE to Civi is the data that goes from RE's "Bio 1" and "Bio 2" screens to Civi's "Summary" tab. Here are some notes/questions.

  • This script presumes we will carry over the "No Valid Address", "Inactive", and "Anonymous" fields as tags. You don't currently have those tags, so we'd create them.

  • "Match Notes" will be added as a Note to the Civi contact with a subject of "Match Note".

  • RE's "Target", "Income", "Birthplace", "Religion", and "Ethnicity" fields generally don't come over, or come over as a custom field. Please let me know which you want.

  • The following fields have a direct equivalent in RE and Civi: birthdate, deceased date, Is Deceased, nickname, do not email,
    gender. They'll be migrated as-is.

  • Prefixes (Mr., Ms.) and Suffixes (Jr., Esq.) work differently in Civi vs. RE. They're not free-entry, you must select from a drop-down. My script automatically standardizes certain ones (PhD, Ph.D., Ph. D., and PHD all become the same) but unrecognized prefixes/suffixes should be added to Civi or changed in RE. My script can automatically add prefixes/suffixes found in RE to Civi, but generally you'll want to clean up first.

  • In RE, a person can have two prefixes/suffixes (e.g. Reverend Doctor John Doe Jr., Esq). In Civi, you can:

    • Put them both in one field
    • Drop the second prefix/suffix
    • For prefix, there's a "Formal Title" field which is intended for non-American cultures where this is necessary, but it can also be used.Data is available on what YOUR multiple prefix/suffix situation is; take a look and decide how to proceed. That data is in Owncloud at: "USCJ/civicrm/errors/multiple prefix and-or suffix.csv".
  • If you want the "Date Added" field from RE, we can't reuse Civi's equivalent; it's auto-generated. We need a custom field to hold it.
    Let me know.

  • If a contact has a hand-entered salutation or addressee set, my script will carry that over. Otherwise it sets the default Civi greeting. RE supports a much wider range of selectable greetings than Civi does; it's up to you how you want to handle that.

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