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User Management in Icinga2/Icingaweb2

Note: Unlike Icingaweb2, all configuration of Icinga2 happens via text file configurations and/or a REST API.  The text files all reside in

User Management

Add an entry to users.conf that uses the following pattern:

object User "jon" {
  import "generic-user"
  display_name = "Jon Snow"
  groups = [ "icingaadmins" ]
  email = ""

At the time of this writing, adding a user to "icingaadmins" will cause them to receive ALL notifications on all issues.


User Management

As an administrator, go to Configuration menu » Authorization »Users.  There's an administrator login in the password manager.  After creating the user, select it and press the "Create New Membership" button to add the user to the "Administrators" group.

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