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 ![Megaphone Technology Logo]( 

 Welcome to the Megaphone Technology Consulting commons. 

 As part of our commitment to transparency and open source principles, we try to make our internal documentation available publicly.    We hope that this assists others who may be starting their own companies, looking for best practices on web development, and more. 

 *To contact us:* You can reach us by phone or e-mail from here: 

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 Unless otherwise specified, all material with `` in the URL is licensed to you under a [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License]( 

 ## Technical Documentation 

 ### Sysadmin/Monitoring 
 [[Icinga2]] Our monitoring platform 
 [[Backup Setup]] 
 [[Backup Setup when we don't have root]] 
 [[Install drush]] 
 [[Inherited Site Security Review]] 
 [[Set up a New Website]] 
 [[Upgrading Docker Applications]] 
 [[Deploying with Ansible]] 
 [[How to use a shared SSH config file]] 
 [[Azure VPS setup notes]] 
 [[Email Delivery Service]] 
 [[Deleting Former Client Data]] 
 [[Cloning a site]] 

 ### CRM 
 [[Debugging CiviCRM cheatsheet]] 
 [[CiviCRM Launch Checklist]] 
 [[CiviCRM for Drupal 8 installation notes]] 
 [[Migrating D8/CiviCRM to Pantheon]] 
 [[CiviCRM multisite to single site cookbook]] 
 [[Troubleshooting PayPal and CiviCRM]] 
 [[VS Code Configuration for CiviCRM]] 
 [[CiviCRM multisite]] 
 [[CiviCRM administrator training]] 

 ### Backdrop 
 [[Backdrop Configuration Management]] 

 ### Other 
 [[New Client Questionnaire]] 
 [[GDPR Compliance]] 
 [[Migration Documentation]] 

 ## Administrative Documentation 
 [[Where to host CiviCRM]] 

 ## Data Migration 
 [[Exporting DonorPerfect Online for CiviCRM]] 
 [[Exporting Nationbuilder for CiviCRM]] 
 [[Exporting Wild Apricot for CiviCRM]] 
 [[Exporting Raisers Edge for CiviCRM]] 
 [[Raisers Edge client notes]] 
 [[Exporting Network for Good for CiviCRM]]