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 # CiviCRM Launch Checklist 


 * [Megaphone Monitoring]( extension is installed. 
 * Checksum expiration has been discussed with the client, and ideally set to 90 days if applicable. 
 * No "FIXME" text in database 
 * cron is enabled and runs as the same user as the web server user, or at least the cron user and web server user are in the same group and both users write files automatically as group writable. 
 * debug mode is disabled 
 * Make sure SSL pages are forced on (if there is a non-dummy on-site payment processor enabled) 
 * If SSL pages are forced on, ensure that Drupal Secure Pages or [this setting]( in Wordpress are enabled/configured. 
 * Authorize.Net postback URL is set (if recurring contributions are enabled) 
  * Note:  
 * If Authorize.Net: Ensure Auth.Net isn't sending its own receipt (unless desired): 
 * Certain scheduled jobs are turned on. Always enable the following, and others on a component-by-component basis: 
  * Clean-up Temporary Data and Files 
  * Check bounces 
  * Disable expired relationships 
  * Rebuild Smart Group Cache 
 * Final payment processor is enabled on all contribution/event pages, dummy processor is disabled 
 * Bounce address is set and tested 
 * If the bounce address is GMail, filters to avoid bounces being classified as spam are added (see [here]( 
 * SPF records are added/tested (Unnecessary with Amazon SES: See [here]( 
 * PTR record exists 
 * Default organization name/address is filled in 
 * "View public CiviMail content" permission is turned on for anonymous users. 
 * Geocoding is turned on 
 * Geocoding scheduled job has parameters set (if enabled): geocoding = 1, optionally parse = 1, throttle = 1 
 * Outbound mail settings are tested 
 * Drupal report shows no errors 
 * Ensure Drupal updates are configured correctly and sent to the right address 
 * Ensure that all donation pages notify a person on staff when a donation is made (or confirm this isn't wanted). You can either CC the receipt, or set notifications at the profile level. 
 * [Households are disabled]( if unused 
 * Mailing header and footer are disabled (assuming the required tokens are in the mailing template) 
 * Check Drupal permissions to ensure that administrator role has all permissions - especially if non-default modules (CiviCampaign, CiviPledge, CiviGrant) were enabled, or an upgrade happened between the start of the project and launch. 
 * max_execution_time = 300 in php.ini 
 * memory_limit = 128M, at least 
 * domain is set on the loopback,, if possible. This might affect the CiviCRM News dashlet. 
 * Determine that there's an adequate backup regimen (esp. for inherited sites) 
 * [Wordpress Only] Create a blank page to use as the base page. 
 * [Wordpress Only] Set the Wordpress Base Page in **Administer » System Settings » CMS Database Integration**. (This may be obsolete in 4.6+, check at some point) 
 * Ensure the PHP and MySQL timestamps match. With Wordpress, do NOT use this. Instead set: `wp option set timezone_string America/New_York`. Note that this must be done per-site on multi-site: `wp --url= option set timezone_string America/New_York`. 
 * Also: This does NOT fix wp-cli, so use wget for cron, or better yet, use the patched civicrm.php that I have in the wp-cli git package. 
 * Set the "canonical site" value for the test/dev sites in 
 * Maintenance/support contracts in place if needed