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 # CiviCRM Launch Checklist 


 * [Megaphone Monitoring]( extension is installed. 
 * Database tables are all collated with UTF8MB4 (especially inherited sites) 
 * Checksum expiration has been discussed with the client, and ideally set to 90 days if applicable. 
 * (Classic, not using the authnet extension): Authorize.Net postback URL is set (if recurring contributions are enabled) 
 * (Classic, not using the authnet extension): Ensure Auth.Net isn't sending its own receipt (unless desired): 
 * Certain scheduled jobs are turned on. Always enable the following, and others on a component-by-component basis: 
  * Clean-up Temporary Data and Files 
  * Check bounces 
  * Disable expired relationships 
  * Rebuild Smart Group Cache 
 * Final payment processor is enabled on all contribution/event pages, dummy processor is disabled 
 * Bounce address is set and tested 
 * If the bounce address is GMail, filters to avoid bounces being classified as spam are added (see [here]( 
 * SPF records are added/tested (Unnecessary with Amazon SES: See [here]( 
 * PTR record exists 
 * Default organization name/address is filled in 
 * "View public CiviMail content" permission is turned on for anonymous users. 
 * Geocoding is turned on 
 * Geocoding scheduled job has parameters set (if enabled): geocoding = 1, optionally parse = 1, throttle = 1 
 * Outbound mail settings are tested 
 * Ensure that all donation pages notify a person on staff when a donation is made (or confirm this isn't wanted). You can either CC the receipt, or set notifications at the profile level. 
 * [Households are disabled]( if unused 
 * Mailing header and footer are disabled (assuming the required tokens are in the mailing template) 
 * Check Drupal permissions to ensure that administrator role has all permissions - especially if non-default modules (CiviCampaign, CiviPledge, CiviGrant) were enabled, or an upgrade happened between the start of the project and launch. 
 * domain is set on the loopback,, if possible. This might affect the CiviCRM News dashlet. 
 * Determine that there's an adequate backup regimen (esp. for inherited sites) 
 * Ensure the PHP and MySQL timestamps match. With Wordpress, do NOT use this. Instead set: `wp option set timezone_string America/New_York`. Note that this must be done per-site on multi-site: `wp --url= option set timezone_string America/New_York`. 
 * Also: This does NOT fix wp-cli, so use wget for cron, or better yet, use the patched civicrm.php that I have in the wp-cli git package. 
 * Set the "canonical site" value for the test/dev sites in 
 * Maintenance/support contracts in place if needed