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Jon Goldberg, 11/18/2021 06:58 PM

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Debugging CiviCRM cheatsheet

Command-line runs of PHPUnit:

From a buildkit civiroot, run a specific file's tests::

CIVICRM_UF=UnitTests phpunit5 tests/phpunit/CRM/Core/BAO/AddressTest.php

You can also limit to a single test by filtering on name:

CIVICRM_UF=UnitTests phpunit5 tests/phpunit/CRM/Core/BAO/AddressTest.php --filter testShared

With XDebug

Web Browser

  • Install the xdebug extension (e.g. sudo apt install php7.4-xdebug).
  • Configure xdebug by copying the values below to /etc/php/7.4/fpm/conf.d/xdebug.ini:
xdebug.client_host = ""
#xdebug.output_dir = "/home/jon/temp/xdebug"
  • Install a plugin for your browser, like "XDebug Helper for Firefox".
    • In the plugin's configuration, set the IDE key to VSCODE.

To debug, you must turn on the debugger in VS Code, then enable debugging in the address bar for the requests in question.

Command Line (phpunit)

  • You need to have XDebug otherwise configured for CLI. Use the same configuration file as under "Web Browser", but at /etc/php/7.4/cli/conf.d/xdebug.ini.

    • Also change xdebug.mode=debug,develop to avoid some unnecessary warning noise.
  • You need to start a debugging session in VS Code with "Listen for XDebug".

  • Depending on your VS Code setup, you may need to listen on a different port (I can use the same port for FPM but not mod_php).

Once you've got all that:

env CIVICRM_UF=UnitTests XDEBUG_SESSION=VSCODE phpunit7 /home/jon/local/civicrm-buildkit/build/dmaster/web/sites/all/modules/civicrm/tests/phpunit/CRM/Core/BAO/ActionScheduleTest.php --filter testMembershipJoinDateMinutesUnit

Command-line runs of standalone scripts

env XDEBUG_SESSION=VSCODE php myscript.php

Debugging REST API calls in Ansible/curl

Add an additional POST argument XDEBUG_SESSION=VSCODE. In Ansible, this might look like:

  - name: Shut up about Civi extensions (warnings only, 7 days)
      url: "{{ primary_url }}/{{ endpoint }}"
      method: POST
        entity: StatusPreference
        action: create
        json: "{{ {'name': 'checkExtensionsUpdates', 'ignore_severity': 3, 'hush_until': seven_days_hence } | to_json }}"
        api_key: "{{ crm_api_key }}"
        key: "{{ crm_site_key }}"
      body_format: form-urlencoded
      return_content: yes

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